Authorized SUF® Resellers

SUFORG monitor and authorizes all SUF resellers and company formation agents.

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SUF is a registered trademark owned and managed by SUFORG. All resellers and company formation agents providing SUF companies in Sweden must be approved and registered with SUFORG. All authorized SUF resellers must adhear to strickt rules and regulations regarding staff training and minimum service levels.

Only authorized resellers may legally offer SUF in Sweden. When buying a company from our authorized resellers you are guaranteed to receive a correctly formed company, with all the documents required for a full registration in Sweden. If you have been offered a SUF company by any person not listed on this site as a regulated SUF reseller, please contact us as soon as possible.


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Approved SUF® suppliersThe following suppliers are authorized by SUFORG to supply SUF companies.


Vår mission på MrCompany är att förenkla uppstarten för alla Sveriges entreprenörer.


PANLEGIS is Scandinavia's largest formation experts. Founded 2005, with offices in 5 countries.